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  2. Interior or Exterior Home Projects
    Interior or Exterior Home Projects
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Important Information About Insurance

As a homeowner, it is important that you are aware of your liability when hiring any contractor to perform work on your property. If the contractor you hire is not properly insured, you could be on the hook financially if someone on their crew gets injured or if they damage your property.
Liability insurance will cover any damages the contractor may cause to your property.

Contractors who are properly insured should have no issue proving that fact to you.

Worker's Compensation insurance is just as important. In New York State, if you knowingly hire a contractor who does not have Worker's Compensation insurance, it is your responsibility as a homeowner to obtain a Worker's Compensation policy on your own. If you fail to do this, and someone gets hurt on your property, the worker can then sue you, the homeowner.

Bumblebee Painters is fully insured with New York State Worker's Compensation as well as full liability.

We are happy to provide you a copy of our liability insurance upon request. Furthermore, all of our painters are employees of Bumblebee Painters and not sub-contractors, and therefore fully covered under our New York State Worker's Compensation policy.

BUMBLEBEE is a Lead - Safe Certified Firm

The EPA came out with new Lead Regulations regarding any remodeling and/or painting project that disturbs more than six square feet. Each job must be tested to find out if there is lead present. If your job is positive for lead, you must be positive that the painter you hire is certified! At Bumblebee Painters, our crew has undergone the required training and the entire business has been lead certified by the EPA. You can be sure that we know the dangers of lead and how to correctly deal with lead based paint to make sure you, your family and your pets stay safe!